This is a two-three day training of mentors on reintegration planning and on one-on-one mentoring.  It discusses basic concepts of reintegration and provides skills in mentoring migrants and families in planning for reintegration. It provides a system of referral to relevant agencies.  

Training Seminar Objectives

  At the end of the training seminar, the participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the concept of reintegration and the challenges of migrants and their families in reintegration planning;
  2. Conduct reintegration counseling;
  3. Identify different government and private sector partners who could provide concrete psychosocial, investment, technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training to  migrants and families; and
  4. Implement a monitoring and mentoring scheme of migrants and families who participated in the financial education course and were involved in reintegration planning.

Target Participants

The target participants of the training of trainers are graduates of Family and Income Management Seminar composed of the following:

  1. Staff of provincial, city and municipal government agencies that provide services for overseas Filipinos and families
  2. Leaders of migrant and family organizations
  3. Staff of development NGOs and faith-based organizations
  4. Teachers of public and private schools
  5. Staff of cooperatives, rural financial institutions and organizations with existing or planned program for overseas Filipinos
Module Module Objectives Content of Module
Module 1:

Reintegration Planning and Counseling Process
The participants will be able to:  

1. Discuss the basic concepts of reintegration
2. Identify the reintegration counseling process
3. Handle various reintegration issues and concerns

Basic Concepts of Reintegration
Reintegration Counseling and Processing
Handling Reintegration Issues and Concerns
Module 2:

Reintegration and Financial Planning: Tools and Workshops
The participants will be able to:

1. Assist migrants to plan their reintegration
2. Counsel and mentor migrants to attain their reintegration goals and plans

Reintegration Planning and Counseling Form
Dream Map
Saving for Investment
Saving for Retirement/ Reintegration Getting Out of Debt

Module 3:

Linking with Government, NGOs and Private Sector for Economic and Social Reintegration Services
The participants will be:

1. Identify government offices, NGOs, those in the private sector that provide economic and social reintegration services and investment and business opportunities to OFWs and families
2. Refer the migrants to the appropriate offices and agencies
Agri-Business Opportunities in the Region
Business and Investment Opportunities in the Region
Presentation of Service Map and Referral System    
Module 4:

The participants will be able to:

1.  Assess OFW concerns and issues using the reintegration planning and counseling form
2. Apply the learning and insights gained from lecture-discussions  
Sample Cases of OFWs